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SDA Bocconi MIM Introduction

The Bocconi MIM program gives a broader understanding of Global Business. SDA Bocconi MIM Class Profile brings together diverse students with different goals in its portfolio. It aims to train prospective Manager & Entrepreneurs to make a major contribution to the performance of organizations around the world. Bocconi MSc International Management programme focuses on how acquired theoretical knowledge can be applied in practical international business situations. Bocconi is not only focused on academics but also on Culture, Sports, Art, and sharing ideas. Scroll down for further information on SDA Bocconi MIM Average GMAT, SDA Bocconi Mim Class Profile, SDA Bocconi Mim Application process, employment report, SDA Bocconi Mim fees, and more. Bocconi Master in Management programme is an 18 months program and its divided into two years

The first year is focused on fundamental concepts of International Management where students will acquire knowledge of discipline-based concepts, the ability to acquire and analyze data, and information and evaluate their relevance and validity. Second-year Bocconi offers study abroad options for both long-term and short-term periods. For long-term there is a Double degree program, its joint program that allows students to study at top two business & economic schools and receive two diplomas one from each university and for short duration there are exchange programs.


The Bocconi Master in Management is for people who want to work in a complex environment: ambitious, disruptive future leaders who want to focus on systemic thinking.


The  Bocconi MSc International Management program provides the opportunity to study companies in a global context, analyzing the connection between world affairs and international business. Graduates acquire the tools required to understand today’s global world, training to become managers and entrepreneurs who can make a major contribution to the performance of organizations.


Common new graduate roles for the SDA Bocconi MIM class profile include:
General Management, Consulting, Foreign Trade Accounting, International Marketing,  International Cooperation,  Trade Promotion

SDA Bocconi MIM Program

SDA Bocconi MIM Review

Program StartsSeptember 2020
Duration18 months
Intake 20201
FT Global MIM 2019 Ranking#10
SDA Bocconi MIM Fees€14,073
SDA Bocconi MIM Application Deadlines15 October to 4 June (For intermediate deadlines see application deadline section)
SDA Bocconi MIM Application Process· GMAT/GRE TAGE MAGE score

· One-page resume

· Application essays

· Video presentation

· Interview (For more details see application process section)

SDA Bocconi MIM Program & Curriculam

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Organization
  • Marketing Decisions
  • International Finance
  • Foundations of Globalization
  • Performance Measurement
  • International Comparative Business Law
  • Principles of Business Analytics
  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management (compulsory)
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Decision Sciences
  • Policy Analysis and Public Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Marketing
  • Management and Technology

Double Degrees with:

  • Cass School of Business, City University London (London, UK)
  • Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina (Columbia, US)
  • ESADE Escuela Superior de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas (Barcelona, Spain)
  • FGV-EAESP Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • HEC École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (Paris, France)
  • HSG University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • IIMA Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad, India)
  • The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)  

An internship is a compulsory part of all MSc program study plans and lasts at least 10 to 12 weeks: students can decide to complete their curricular internship during the second year or participate in a summer internship after completing the first year of study.
1,143 internship opportunities abroad in 2018
541 placement opportunities abroad in 2018
26.1% of internships are abroad
Internship offers worldwide are published daily on the University online portal and can be carried out at any organized workplace, such as: public and private, industrial, commercial and service companies, banks and financial services, cultural institutions, nonprofit organizations, media, communication industries, international organizations, chambers of commerce.

  • Associazione Studentesca Bocconi Cinema
  • Associazione Studentesca Letteraria “Bocconi D’inchiostro”
  • B.E.St. – Bocconi Equal Students
  • B.I.L.S. – Bocconi Student
  • International Law Society
  • Blpsa – Bocconi Live Performance Students Association
  • Bocconi Chinese Student Association
  • Bocconi Economics Student Association
  • Costly Advice, Protests, and Nonbinding Elections
  • The Micro Impact of Macroprudential Policies: Firm-Level Evidence
  •  Leaning Against Housing Prices as Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy
  • From Perception to Reality: How Motivated Perceptions of Network Relationships Predict Network Change
  • A framework for high-dimensional Bayesian model selection consistency
Financial Times
QS World

SDA Bocconi MIM Class Profile

Class Size85
Average Age24

 SDA Bocconi MIM Placements

SDA Bocconi MIM Placements Facts

  • 72.8% of graduates are employed on graduation day
  • MIM Students have been called to an average of 4.9 job interviews
  • MIM Students have received on average 2.2 job offer
  • 98.3% of graduates are employed one year after graduation
  • 53.4% are employed abroad
  • $77,452 Average salary

SDA Bocconi Alumni Info

More than 1,20,000 alumni of Bocconi are working in top companies like Google, L’Oreal, P&G and Volkswagen etc. around 110 countries in the world. who all are associated through BAA (Bocconi Alumni Association) it become an international network hub for an international community that aims to contribute to development and promotion of students, university, and society.

RoundsApplication DeadlinesResults*
Round 115 Oct 2019 – 10 Dec 201916 Jan 2020
Round 211 Dec 2019 – 23 Jan 202027 Feb 2020
Round 324 Jan 2020 — 11 Mar 20206 Apr 2020
Round 412 Mar 2020 — 6 May 20206 April 2020
Round 57 May 2020 — 4 June 2020tbd
 *the enrollment period will be announced in the relevant section as soon as the information is  available and normally lasts 2-3 weeks.

SDA Bocconi MIM Application Process

Application process

Eligibility for SDA Bocconi MIM Application Process

  • Results of the GMAT (or GRE) test (No particular scores are required to participate in the selections
  • Grade point average of exams passed in the Undergraduate program
  • Applicant’s Curriculum vitae / Resume and Personal Statement
  • Applications will not be evaluated if any of the 3 above-mentioned elements are missing.
  • Recent graduate (who graduated in 2016 or will graduate in 2017)

Documents required for SDA Bocconi MIM Application Process


A.Y. 2020-2021 Tuition and fees at Bocconi are set at € 14,073 per year. Housing Fees may vary based on type of room. 2019-2020 annual Housing fees: 

  • Full Rate: from a minimum of € 6,300.00 to a maximum of € 9,000.00.
  • Reduced Rate: from a minimum of € 3,150.00 to a maximum of € 5,600.00.

SDA Bocconi MIM Funding

SDA Bocconi Scholarships

ISU Bocconi Scholarship (AY 2020-2021)
  • Tuition & Fees: 100% waiver
  • Scholarship: In limited number based on the availability of funds from the Lombardy Region. Variable amounts (from about €1,200 to €4,500) according to the students’s situation.
  • Additional benefits: one free meal per day & the subsequent on at a reduced price.


SDA Bocconi, in collaboration with leading credit institutes, offers MSc International Management students the opportunity to finance their education through low-interest loans that can be paid back after a bridge period, allowing students to find employment before starting a reimbursement plan. This initiative is aimed at students who have achieved a specific number of educational credits in previous years, depending on the degree program, regardless of their family’s economic conditions.

SDA Bocconi Master in Management Sample Essays

1.Why do you want to study CEMS MIM at Bocconi University?

SDA Bocconi Master in Management Interview Questions

SDA Bocconi interviews are taken by alumni in two rounds. It can be both over skype or face to face. SDA interview is targeted to evaluate your confidence, motivation, and career aspirations.

SDA Bocconi MSc International Management Interview Frequently Asked Questions

Profile Based Questions

  • Tell me about one of your strengths which were previously a weakness
  • Are you great with numbers for you to have a spectacular GMAT score?
  • Why do you want to leave your family business? /Why do you want to leave your previous job?

Competency-Based Questions

  • Any specific sector you want to proceed in?
  • What is the best way to inspire people?
  • Give an example of a “let down” and what did you do to make up for it?

Goal-Based Questions

  • Why do you want to pursue ‘<‘degree name’>’?
  • What are the short term and long term goals?
  • How will the program help you achieve your career goals?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?
  • Why do you want to study at <country_name>?
  • Which other universities are you applying to? Why?