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IE MIM Introduction

Being ranked among the top 10 in the ranking for Master’s in Management program, IE has been proven as a success mantra for all the business program applicants from the last few years. IE MIM Class Profile brings together diverse students with different goals in its portfolio. With a curriculum that is more focussed on entrepreneurial nature, it gives plenty of opportunities on a global level. Scroll down for further information on IE MIM Average GMAT, IE Mim Class Profile, IE Mim Application process, employment report, IE Mim fees, and more.

IE MIM program is divided into 3 terms where the first two terms will consist of core periods in which students will be gaining a deeper knowledge of core management principles. The core period is common to all the students for the same intake. Next will be a specialization module in which students are allowed to choose a field of interest. It also varies with the language of instruction and the initial intake of the overall program. At IE for the maximum area of management, an approach of practical cases are used which showcase different problems that can emerge for the several firms and analyzed from different perspectives. In Addition, IE students have a golden opportunity to opt for 3 months Internship at the end of the programs. 


The IE Master in Management is for people who want to work in a complex environment: ambitious, disruptive future leaders who want to focus in systemic thinking.


IE Master in Management helps you to become a self-motivated professional and leave no stone unturned by contacting the IE alumni network and learning more about their workplace day-to-day.


Common new graduate roles for the IE MIM class profile include:
General Management, Consulting, Financial Management, International Marketing,  Capital Markets,  Trade Promotion, Business Development

IE MIM Review

Program StartsSeptember 2020
Duration1 Year
Intake 20202 September & January
FT Global MIM 2019 Ranking#16
IE MIM Fees€38,200
IE MIM Application DeadlinesRolling Admission (For intermediate deadlines see application deadline section)
IE MIM Application Process· GMAT/GRE TAGE MAGE score

· Two-page resume

· 2 letters of recommendation

· English language proficiency test report (IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/Cambridge)

· Interview (For more details see application process section)

IE MIM Program & Curriculam

Students now have the possibility to complement their studies and broaden their perspective with IE international exchange opportunities. By taking less electives throughout their degree, students will have the possibility to extend their studies by a year in order to either study or intern in another country, further increasing the customization of their degree. Students can opt to study abroad at one of IE more than 50 partner institutions as part of school Beyond Borders Experience, adding both range and depth to students degree—giving them international experience while widening their professional network. Here are some of the participating Universities, but there are many more:
London Business School
University of St.Gallen (HSG)
Università Bocconi
• Sciences Po (Paris Institute of Political Studies)
• RSM (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
WHU (Otto Beisheim School of Management
• Babson College
• Pepperdine University
• University of Miami
• Smith School of Business - Queen's University
• Universidad del Pacífico
• ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México)
• Jiao Tong University
• The University of Melbourne
• Fudan University
* The list may change each year.

Yale School of Management

Do you want to go one step further in your business knowledge while studying in the States? The Dual degree MIM Masters in Global Business and Society (Yale) allows you to do just this. Dive deeper into subjects like Managing Social
Enterprises, Digital Strategy or The Future of Global Finance on the East Coast. After graduating from both schools, take advantage of the support of two expert career teams and the opportunity to get a work visa in the US.

Antai College of Economics & Management

The future belongs to China, so understanding the way business is done there will be vital for professionals in years to come. The Dual Program—a collaboration between our school and ANTAI College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University—allows you to gain that knowledge. Bringing together the best from the East and West, this learning experience will transform you into a global success. Complement your MIM by studying subjects like cross-cultural management, Chinese business law and global business operations at one of China’s most elite institutions.

RWTHAchen University

Our new Dual Degree Master in Management and Digital Engineering track of the MME-CAME will equip you with the world’s most in-demand skill set for two of today's top industries: business and engineering. Set in the unique, diverse and connected cities of Aachen and Madrid, this isn’t just a degree— it’s an invaluable life experience. With indepth training in engineering and business, this future-forward program is designed to put participants one step ahead, preparing them with the technical and soft skills needed to go straight to the top. In just two years, you’ll graduate with two degrees from two internationally recognized institutions, as well as the connections and network you need to catapult your career to new heights.

• International Business
• Sales & Marketing
• Digital Business
• Finance & Investments
• Entrepreneurship & Innovation
• Finance Management & Control

• Derecho de la Empresa
• Derecho Financiero y Tributario
• Humanities
• Talent Management (10)
• Country Economic Analysis (10)
• Gender equality: issues for
developed and developing
• Retos y oportunidades de la
economía española
• Business Government &
Society (20)

The optional Global Immersion Week is a unique experience where students can explore international capitals of innovation. Students will discover what it’s really like to run a business on a global scale, and gain a working knowledge of local business practices. This will happen through lectures and dynamic sessions led by professors and industry professionals from world class organizations, alongside visits to top companies where you analyze local success stories through direct interaction with managers. Whether you go to San Francisco, Shanghai, Israel or elsewhere, you won’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from main market players such as BMW, PAYPAL, STARBUCKS, and UBER EATS.

IE is home to a variety of clubs, some of them are

  • IE Arts & Business Club
  • IE Automotive Club
  • IE Blockchain Club
  • IE Communication Club
Financial Times
QS World
The Economist
Exchange Partner50+
Average Age23

IE MIM Class Profile Academic Backgrounds

Background SectorPercentage
Social & Humanities16%

IE MIM Placements

IE Master in Management Placements Facts

  • 91% Employed within three months
  • €40.258 Average starting salary
  • 230+ companies on campus, participating in IE Talent Forums,
    company presentations, networking events, assessment centers,
    interviews and more.

IE Alumni Info

IE has a alumni network of more then 60,000 people. The IE alumni are managing around 6000+ job positions in more than 3500 companies worldwide. Around 73% of the alumni are currently working in the European region and a considerable number in America and Asia. They are employed in top companies and work in various sectors like marketing, sales, finance, accounting, consulting, IT and Human Resources.

Round 1Rolling Admission

IE MIM Application Process


Eligibility for IE MIM Application Process

  • Academic Accreditation, A Bachelors Degree, or equivalent is a pre-requisite in IE MIM Application Process.
  • GMAT
  • TOEFL(minimum score of 100), IELTS (minimum score of 7), or a Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency level. (A certificate is not required if you completed an undergraduate degree in English.)

Documents required for IE MIM Application Process

  • Online application form
  • Two Page Curriculum Vitae
  • Entrance Exam (GMAT, GRE) or IeGAT
  • Language Certificate (English or Spanish) if you are a non-native speaker of the language in which you are planning to study the program
  • 2 Letter of recommendations
  • 1 passport-sized photo
  • Photocopy of passport or of DNI
  • Application fee of €125

IE MIM Admission Process


The IE Master in Management tuition fee is 38.200€.

IE MIM Funding 

IE MIM Scholarships

IE Scholarship
  • Application Deadline: Prior to the start of the program.
  • Geographic Area: All regions.
  • Programs: All programs.
  • Description: This scholarship is intended for candidates with limited financial resources that stand out in the admission process whether for the result of their admission tests, their academic or professional careers, or their international perspective.
  • Selection Criteria: The merit and potential of the applicant will be assessed, giving priority in this case to economic difficulties in financing the program.
  • Amount: The amount of these scholarships towards tuition fees will depend on the available funding, the profile, and the specific circumstances demonstrated by an applicant.
  • Application Deadline: Prior to the start of the program.
  • Geographic Area: All regions.
  • Programs: All programs.
  • Description: At IE, diversity is one of our core values. We work to ensure that all of our cohorts include diverse types of people in terms of gender, race, culture, and professional or academic background. To this end, this scholarship aims to create cohorts with unique compositions that enrich our students’ learning experience and personal journey.
  • Selection Criteria: Candidates must have an excellent professional and/or academic background and demonstrate
    financial need. In their scholarship application, candidates must include an essay demonstrating the unique or distinctive value that their individual profile would contribute to the class.
  • Amount: These scholarships will cover up to 30% of the cost of tuition for the program to which the candidate has been admitted.


IE high potential award
  • Application Deadline: Not applicable. These awards are not application-based. All admitted candidates are automatically considered, with no need for submitting IE’s regular online Financial Aid application form.
  • Geographic Area: All regions.
  • Programs: All programs.
  • Description: By applying for admission to IE, all applicants are automatically considered for this merit award and no scholarship application is required. The Admissions Department will identify candidates based on the strength and timeliness of their admission application, and will nominate them at the Scholarship Committee for an award. Candidates that qualify for this scholarship will be notified of the award with their admission offer.
  • Selection Criteria: These merit-based scholarships are determined without consideration of an applicant’s financial need. In the event that a beneficiary of this award were to have greater financial need, they are able to submit a regular scholarship application. Please note, this award is not compatible with other aid potentially granted through IE’s regular scholarship application process and the larger award would be maintained.
  • Amount: No fixed amount.


Thanks to the agreements signed by IE with various financial institutions, many of IE students have access to student loans, which provide financing through attractive terms and conditions.The Financial Aid Office is their to help and support students through the loan process by helping students assess and understand the different financing options that exist. Please take into account that all final decisions regarding loan applications are made by the respective bank. Thus, we highly recommend that candidates submit their loan application with enough time to make further adjustments and/or seek out alternatives if necessary.

IE Master in Management Sample Essays Tips

What is the most important thing that you would like us to know that is not in your resume or application? (Video or PPT or a written essay” between 250-650 words)

The Adcom here is keen to know more about you and your motivation behind choosing IE Master in Management Program. They have been through your resume and know your key experiences and achievements, but through this question, they want to go beyond what you have shared with them. This question aims at knowing about your personality and other traits rather than just your work experiences and accomplishments. This essay gives you an opportunity to share relevant information about yourself which is not obvious from your resume.

The key to answering this question is to talk about the person besides the work history. Dig deeper into your personal qualities or attributes and then connect your answer with why it is important for the Adcom to know this. Also, if you have scored low in school or any semesters, here you can provide a reason behind this dip in performance. Similarly, cover any small projects you have worked on or extra-curricular or volunteering that didn’t fit within the traditional resume format. Having said that, ensure that your answer will increase or decrease the chances of admission into your target school.

IE Master in Management Interview Questions

The interview will be a skype one and could be taken by alumni or someone from the admission committee. The interview is pretty friendly and usually covers your work, personal life, motivations for applying to the course, and current affairs.

IE MIM Interview Frequently Asked Questions

Profile Based Questions

  • Tell me about one of your strengths which were previously a weakness
  • Are you great with numbers for you to have a spectacular GMAT score?
  • Why do you want to leave your family business? /Why do you want to leave your previous job?

Competency-Based Questions

  • Any specific sector you want to proceed in?
  • What is the best way to inspire people?
  • Give an example of a “let down” and what did you do to make up for it?

Goal-Based Questions

  • Why do you want to pursue ‘<‘degree name’>’?
  • What are the short term and long term goals?
  • How will the program help you achieve your career goals?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?
  • Why do you want to study at <country_name>?
  • Which other universities are you applying to? Why?

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